Surfside Moon

Surfside Moon
Jean Whatley

Although the fictional crimes in Surfside Moon are modeled after the Zodiac murders in California, this nameless killer has
issues with the local law enforcement of a South Carolina beach. His personality is similar to the Zodiac’s, except he has a
personal reason for killing.
Like the Zodiac, he plays games with the police, intentionally leaving clues about when the next murder will take place,
showing how smart he is. He also enjoys battling wits with the famous profiler and author the police have called in to help
decipher his motives. As this profiler works on the crimes, he tries to deal with personal issues that have haunted him for
years. The profiler’s family is also involved in crime solving, since his younger brother in on the force, and his sister is a
reporter for a local newspaper.   
The battle rages between good and evil, coming to an unexpected ending and leaving the reader with one more question.
Surfside Moon is on sale on Amazon and Barnes and Noble as an e-book and on as a hard
copy. Amazon may also have hard copies, although they are temporarily out of stock.
Jean Whatley has a Creative Arts degree from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte plus English major courses and
short story and novel-writing courses from Long Ridge Writers Group. In addition, she did thirty hours of graduate work at
Columbia International University. She served a term as vice president of Iredell Concert Association while writing reviews
that were published on their website.
She and her husband, George, have four children, twelve grandchildren, and seven great grandchildren. Jean has taught piano,
voice, and music theory in Mooresville for over fifty years.